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Software development process

At Sweden Connectivity we run projects in a Scrum/Agile way. However, we also easily adapt to any development process required by our customer. We have trained Scrum master engineers within the company and all SW engineers are well trained to develop SW in a very Scrum like way. Projects that we have done over the years are;

  • Embedded SW in baseband chips for various wireless technologies also with supporting App development for Android and iPhone on a worldwide basis
  • At customer site e.g. at E///, providing Scrum Master for projects and/or SW engineers
  • EU projects driving integration with partner companies

Our software process flow is as below;

Project form: Scrum

Design Phase: Requirements and Architecture

Agile: Iterative Development

1. Feature / Task refinement

  • New requirements/changes
  • Detailed features/tasks design

2. Development

  • Code
  • Test(s) (Unit tests, System tests)
  • Documentation

3. Continuous Integration (C/I) - Continuous Verification

Integrate and test

  • On delivery
  • Daily
  • For release candidates
  • Unit tests, System Test and Code quality

4. Releases every 2-4 weeks (alpha, beta ...)

  • New testable features
  • Test Reports
  • Release Candidate1=>Test=>Update…Release CandidateX=>Test=>Release

We use SVN for revision handling and various chip/mobile dependent tools for software development. We have a Continuous Integration System for compilation, quality and unit testing.

C/I and test system

Our internally developed testing suites run automatically for new committed code delivery. Testing suites are developed for;

  • Bluetooth systems
  • Bluetooth Low Energy systems
  • WiFi systems
  • Android Apps
  • iPhone Apps
  • ...

The test and verification tooling are all based on use case/feature testing based on API's and/or direct GUI testing also for the mobile phones, whatever is most efficient.


Updated: 2019-01-09
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