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Sweden Connectivity has high quality lab equipment and deep engineering know-how in evaluation, testing, verification and system testing with key performance behaviour for different connectivity solutions.

System measurements and automated tooling

  • SPIRENT STR 4500
  • Assisted GPS scenarios
  • A-GPS fix time/accuracy
  • A-GPS scenarios moving satellites conducted/real
  • Static and drive scenarios
  • GPS field measurements for mobile devices
  • HCI automated test tools
  • Bluetooth and WiFi co-location performance
  • Bluetooth and WiFi coexistence
  • Bluetooth throughput
  • WiFi throughput

Sensitivity measurements:

  • FM-radio
  • GPS RF
  • Bluetooth Classic and Smart
  • WiFi

Audio/Signal quality measurements:

  • FM, Bluetooth, VoIP RF modulation in
  • Audio quality measured out
  • Phase noise
  • Distortion: IP1, IIP2 and IIP3

Impedance measurements 300kHz to 8GHz:

  • Matching/antenna/amplifiers
  • S11, S21, S12, S22
  • SMA coax/semi rigid
  • PCB with probe 1mm pad to GND

Temperature measurements:

  • In controlled chamber
  • Max board size 288 mm x 220 mm
  • Various parameters; RF, analogue, audio

Current measurements:

  • Stimulated current probes
  • Multi probing
  • <1uA
  • DC to 100MHz


  • Noise and Gain; 10MHz to 26,5GHz
  • Spurious analyzing up to 26,5GHz
  • Accurate frequency, ref 10E-9
  • Low noise generation 200kHz to 6,5GHz
  • Low phase noise generator 300kHz to 4GHz
  • Mixed signal measurements with triggers
  • Bluetooth RF tester, R&S CBT EDR and BLE
  • Bluetooth Air sniffer, v2.0 + EDR to v3.0 + HS, v4.0
  • WiFi sniffer

vector network analyzer

Updated: 2019-01-09
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