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Consulting services

Consulting services may vary from deep hardware and software development and integration to project and product management. We have the competence and know-how to cover applications from the user interface to the antenna via most Internet networks. All applications cover both PC oriented solutions and mobile devices with the available infrastructure.

Examples of competences

  • C, C++, C#, PHP, Java, VB, LabVIEW ...
  • Concepts for software and hardware architecture with specifications
  • Linux, Windows, ThreadX, OSE ...
  • Embedded processor and commercially available processor systems
  • Hardware design, antennas, schematics, Layout, BOM and cost calculations
  • Company, technical, project and product management


Soldering station in Sweden Connectivities lab
Soldering station.

Radio test system in the lab of Sweden Connectivity
RF test system.

Automated test system.

Sweden Connectivity engineers have worked with most mobile and PC manufacturing companies on a worldwide basis for the last 20 years, covering connectivity solutions for Cellular, Bluetooth, AGPS, WiFi, FM radio, NFC and RFID.

  • Design and integration of both hardware and software connectivity solutions into mobile systems.

  • Development, documentation and testing with our automated test system for verification of RF, digital and system performance.

  • Provide connectivity solutions and applications for mobile phones, we are e.g. iOS and MFi licensees and develop iPhone Apps and MFi specific software to MFi manufacturers.
  • Develop mobile phone applications, ranging from security to administration and sports.

  • Provide database, web- & log server design with system test tooling for mobile phone internet applications.

  • Customer support with documentation and development of hardware and software tooling.

  • Integration of 3rd party products for connectivity enabled devices.
  • System testing for key performance in connectivity solutions.
  • Prototyping of connectivity solutions for RF and/or system.
  • Transferring of technology know-how and also careful coverage of very important cultural training.
  • EU-projects and research.
  • Whatever requested within our capability - the sky is the limit.


Updated: 2019-01-09
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