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Our offer is to enable product and project development of numerous products using wireless networks and the Internet. The solutions are based on mobiles, mobile devices as well as PC's with available infrastructure. One of our most important goals is to always have user friendly, high performance and dense systems with low cost re-use of HW/SW components. Furthermore, we optimize the usage of available infrastructure like GSM/GPRS, 3G and the Internet.

Electronic lock control - Home, offices/hotels and cars

Specification, development and verification of Administrator App, Key App, Fob secure, fast and easy to use - Unlock function. Patented.

  • Apps and secure key handling
  • Complete HW and SW
  • Antenna and RF performance
  • Algorithms
  • Deliverables and documentation
  • Interface to most electromechanical door locks
  • Automated testsystem


Develop Apps for iOS and Android as well as the server functionality. The game is under development and not yet released.

Memory Marksman
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Linux server
  • System verification in automated test system

Smart wristwatch

Develop software for Bluetooth Smart enabled watches with very low power consumption. The mobile data information e.g. receive mail/SMS is transferred to the watch.

  • Update specifications for function and interfaces
  • Develop all functionality under low power consumption requirements
  • Verify functionality and power consumption

Debug and develop Android App Bluetooth Smart communication and functionality as well as define an API and the Big Data functionality

  • Solve Android specific pairing/connection issues
  • Define API for Big Data server and functional layer towards the App GUI
  • Handle all Android OS >4.3 and varieties by various mobile phone models

Electronic lock control - dementia care taker home

Develop the control functionality for dementia patient care takers. The door shall always be open for the specific patient/user but not for other patients/users. Patent pending.

Electronic lock control
  • Complete hard- and software design
  • Antenna and RF performance
  • Administrator App
  • Server
  • Algorithms
  • Mechanics
  • Deliverables and documentation

Complete system design

In order to make a complete system work on a client to server based architecture, while using mobile network and Internet infrastructure, it is crucial to have the accurate competence in wireless, Internet protocols and used sub systems. This system know-how, together with well-equipped HW and SW component availability, provides the opportunity to design high-end customer applications and equipment.

  • HW/SW complete out of the box design
  • Add-on SW products for third party devices
  • End product verification with automated product testing
  • Regulatory approval
  • Customer support and training
  • Customer documentation

Web/log servers and mobile applications

Using Internet capabilities requires web server design, with database support and programming, in numerous languages like PHP, Java scripts and MySQL. For device dependent programming using Java and C# and other computing languages.

  • Web design
  • Log server and database optimization
  • Add-on SW for mobile device dependent design
  • End product verification with automated product testing
  • Customer support and training
  • Customer documentation
GPS friend game fleet fiender tool

Embedded SW design for ARM system - Complete product

To decrease BOM and cost; it is essential to use processor systems efficiently by embedding maximum functionality and software in the products. This together with reference designs, training, and all regulatory requirements available and addressed provides easy integration and short time to market for the customer.

  • HW reference design
  • SW design
  • Verification
  • Automated test tooling
  • Regulatory approval
  • Worldwide distributer training
  • Customer HW/SW/Documentation/Handling
ARM embedded microcontroller

Plug'n'Play system drivers

On PC and mobile platforms, it is essential to have all needed drivers for various HW options and features available at launch, which consequently will lead to success on the market. Designing, evaluating and supporting OEM/ODM are key success factors for reaching acceptance on the market.

  • OS's Linux/Vista/XP/Android/iOS/Windows
  • HW support in-design
  • SW architect and design
  • FRD verification
  • OEM support

Comparative measurements for key performance Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and other radio systems

Achieving best in class performance is key to all development of complex electronic products and is a major factor in attaining successful market penetration. Setting the right requirements and professionally evaluating/verifying the product, with rapid client interaction, is often the deciding factor in the business - it will decide if you will win or lose.

  • RF performance
  • Current consumption
  • Throughput
  • AFH
  • Co-existence
  • New profile development and integration
  • Various mode measurements
  • Operator requirements

Complete verification of AGPS, Bluetooth, FM, Cellular and other radio systems…

  • RF, digital and SW block verification
  • RF test system both HW/SW/reporting, LabVIEW and Matlab programming
  • System measurements HW/SW/specification, PC programming
  • IP application development
  • Specification development and standardization

Customer support - for Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, FM, Cellular and other radio systems

At an early stage, it is essential to design and verify all reference designs and provide professionally developed tools in order to get acceptance by customer engineers. This together with direct on-site training, support and customer requirement handling is very important in order to generate new business.

  • HW reference design
    • Main kit + Hardware and Software ref designs and low cost kits
    • Boxes, packaging, cables, deliveries and manufacturing
  • SW tooling/drivers/applications/documentation
  • Download site password protection
  • Customer training
  • On site support

Direct customer HW and SW-testing on Bluetooth, GPS, WLAN and other radio systems

  • Mobile phones
  • PC's
  • PAD
  • LapTop
  • Set-top box
  • Wireless hub/routers
Updated: 2019-01-09
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