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Sweden Connectivity products and tools are available under the trademark Vixualizer. The products we provide ranges from passage and door lock control and positioning for both in- and outdoor applications. The products are based on specific hardware but also mainly on down-loadable applications for commercially available mobile phones with web and server support over the internet.



InOut electronic door lock - Home, office/hotel and car.

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  • Android/iOS Apps with secure keys
  • Complete hard- and software design
  • Antennas and good RF performance
  • IN vs OUT detection technology, hardware and algorithms (Patented)
  • Interface to many electromechanical locks
Electronic lock control - dementia care taker home    
  • Complete hard- and software design
  • Antenna and RF performance
  • Administrator App
  • Server
  • Algorithms
  • Mechanics
  • Deliverables and documentation
Updated: 2019-01-09
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